Active Duty, Veterans, First Responders and Teachers are given a discounted rate of $50 for the Concealed Carry Class. This discount applies for significant others as well. Are you a single parent? Scroll down this page to see a special offer just for you.

As a way to say THANK YOU for attending our NC Concealed Carry Class, we offer the following special!

On the day of your class I will have a selection of handguns for purchase at deep discounts of up to 25% off MSRP. These will be major name brand handguns (Sig Sauer, Glock, Canik, Etc.) and not brands associated with bargain buys. (Highpoint, etc.) The handguns offered and the discount amount will vary as the discounts ran by manufactures change constantly. Additionally, not every handgun offered at deep discounts during the class will be in stock during the class. The process goes like see a handgun you like and want to take advantage of the super sweet deal I am offering so you whip out your credit card and pay for it. Or pay cash if you got it like that. If the handgun you want is in stock we will process the paperwork and complete the background check the day of the class and you can walk out the door with your new, shiny blaster so long as the paperwork and background check are in order. If it isn't in stock, I place the order and it gets delivered to me in about a week and I will call you to arrange a pick up time. Simple, right? Yep. Sure is.

lifetime firearm discount for our customers

As a way to say THANK YOU to our awesome customers, we offer the following!

In a world full of gun shops you picked us. And I sincerely thank you. To show my thanks, customers who buy a new firearm from Tango Down Tactical will enjoy a lifetime discount of 5% for future firearm purchases. This is for every firearm you purchase for as long as Tango Down Tactical is in the gun selling business. Period. No exceptions. No limits. How do you take advantage of this amazing deal? Is there some special form you have to fill out? Is there a membership card? Will you have to memorize a special handshake? Nope. All you have to do is buy a new gun from us and BAM! Just like that you have unlocked the 5% discount for every single new firearm purchase you make from us. It is that simple. How will I know you are a previous customer? Will you have to prove to me that you are a previous customer? Nah, I will have paperwork from your previous purchase. You won't have to prove anything. And that is it. No catches. No limit on the amount saved. No limit on the number of future firearm purchases that you will receive the 5% discount on. Nothing but savings for you and a big THANK YOU from us.

Single parent discounts

I am the Father of amazing Twins. My Daughter and my Son bring an indescribable joy to my life. And, as a parent, I know first hand the expense and sacrifice that comes along with the joys of parenthood. However, I have not known the challenges faced by single parents. The cost of raising a child/children is staggering. And it should not hinder your ability to acquire training and a firearm so that you are able to exercise your God given right to protect yourself and your loved ones. That is why Tango Down Tactical will offer to any single parent out there massive discounts on training. And when I say MASSIVE I mean MASSIVE. Even up to FREE in some cases. And when I can't offer a class for free I will work with you on payments. I will not list an amount of discount here. Instead, contact us and we can talk about your unique situation and what I can do to help. I do ask that any discount you get from us be kept confidential. I don't offer this for the recognition. I do this because I am passionate about your ability to defend yourself and your loved ones..

As for discounts on firearms, we will offer that to you as well. This will also be done on an individual basis where I will work with you to find the best fit of firearm for you and at the best possible price I can get.

Profit is of no concern here for me. And taking a small loss isn't either. Whether you are a single Mother or a single Father is irrelevant. All single parents will be considered for this discount. Tango Down Tactical wants to help you become a responsible gun owner capable of defending yourself and your loved ones by doing what we can to make gun ownership and training affordable and within your reach.

Please keep in mind that this discount is intended for single parents that are struggling to make ends meet so to speak. It is not intended for single parents that have no trouble making ends meet. So unless you are struggling please don't ask for this discount. I am taking money out of my own pocket to offer this discount to those that truly have a need. I hope you understand and respect this limitation.

If you are a single parent and wish to inquire on this discount please contact me and lets start your journey to responsible gun ownership together.