Tango Down Tactical Shooting Range

Tango Down Tactical's Shooting Range is a private outdoor range located at 519 British Rd, Kinston NC, 28501. Our range is not open to the public and is not available for rent. If desired, all invited users of the range can collect brass after all shooting activities have concluded and once the Range Master gives the go ahead to begin collecting. Tango Down Tactical's USCCA Certified Range Safety Officer is the Range Master and is the absolute authority on the range. Each user of the range is expected to follow the instructions of the Range Master/RSO at all times. There is nothing more important to us on our range than safety. If we observe deliberate unsafe acts and/or repeated unsafe acts after corrective action Tango Down Tactical can, at our discretion, ask anyone to leave our range at any time. Please download, read and understand the Standard Operating Procedures below. Once you have read them and understand please sign it and bring it with you to the range. The waiver must be signed in the presence of Tango Down Tactical staff. If you have any questions regarding the use of our range, the SOP or the waiver please give us a call or send us an email.

Tango Down Tactical Shooting Range Documentation

Range Safety Standard Operating Procedure