Custom Rifle Builds

Tango Down Tactical custom rifles are based on the AR platform chambered in a variety of calibers such as 5.56, 300 Blackout, 6.5 Grendel, .308 and more.  I offer a tiered build system starting at tier 1 which is a “battle ready” rifle that won’t break the bank.  Tier 1 builds will get the job done no matter if the task is hunting, competition or self-defense.  Tier 2 that is a moderately priced, big value build that is competition quality.  And finally, a tier 3 high-end build using components from the best manufacturers with high levels of tweaking by me to get things as near to perfect as possible.  Tier 3 is not cheap. Each tier is priced according to the components used.  None of them will fail you when you need them the most.  I stand by each of my builds.  So much so that I back them with a Limited Lifetime Warranty.  Each tier offers a range of options to get you the AR you’ve dreamed of.  This website is currently a work in progress and will soon have every detail for my rifle builds.  Until then, contact me for complete details and pricing if you are interested.

Custom Pistol Builds

Tango Down Tactical custom pistol builds are based on polymer frame Glock style handguns and Sig Sauer P365 and P320 handguns.   Custom builds in the Sig line also have options for metal frames.  The options for each build are numerous and are hard to list here.  If you are interested in a custom pistol, please message me with which platform (Glock, Sig Sauer, Etc) you want and what you have in mind for options.  Each custom pistol offered by Tango Down Tactical carries a Limited Lifetime Warranty.


Tango Down Tactical currently offers the following training;

  • Basic Pistol and AR-15 Basic Rifle where students learn the very basics starting with gun safety, safe handling of your firearm, proper grip, trigger control, clearing malfunctions, basic cleaning and wraps up with live fire.  Basic Pistol and Basic Rifle are two separate classes and last from 6-8 hours each.
  • Advanced Pistol and AR-15 Advanced Rifle that takes what you learned in our basic courses to another level.
  • NC Concealed Carry Class.  This class will prepare you for concealed carry in NC and is your first step to obtaining a NC Concealed Carry Handgun Permit.  Upon successful completion you will take the certificate you receive to your local Sheriff to apply for the permit.

Sales and Transfers

Tango Down Tactical offers a full line of standard firearm offerings.  From Sig Sauer to Glock to Ruger or Smith and Wesson and many more, I can match nearly any price out there.  We also carry accessories from all the major companies such as Primary Arms, Streamlight, Trijicon and many more.  If you find a gun you want online, from Palmetto State Armory for example, I will gladly process the transfer for you for a flat fee of $20.  Contact me for more details.


Tango Down Tactical offers a full line of silencers via our SilencerShop storefront.  The path to silencer ownership can seem like an uphill battle.  SilencerShop has streamlined this process and made it as hassle free as possible.  Having to wait for Government approval is truly the only downside.  This downside is vastly outweighed by the advantages of silencer ownership.  Click on the link below to check out my storefront and start your silencer ownership journey today!

Agency Services

As a 07 FFL with 02 SOT, Tango Down Tactical is licensed to provide gunsmith services, manufacture of and sales of restricted items, such as machine guns.  If you are an agency seeking service or sales of restricted items please contact us at nfa@tangodowntactical.com